Mayri Owl, jewels that reflect the magic of life.

Behind Mayri Owl, it´s me, Irina. And I'm going to tell you a little bit how this all started .

From a time of change and enthusiasm for learning and advancing along new and creative paths, my brand was born. I discovered that I was fascinated by the design and and manufacture of fashion accessories. And with them I wanted to convey to people the magic of life: its light, its shapes, its colors, its simplicity. And when I felt the great welcome that my pieces were having, the enthusiasm and gratitude of the clients, I began to connect more and more with this profession, especially when I began to carry out more markets in different cities and spaces. Thanks to that, I had the chance to have a closer and more endearing treatment with each person that approached and was interested in my work. 

And this is how Mayri Owl was born, with the purpose of enhancing your innate beauty with accessories inspired by nature, life and light.

From here we commit to continue growing, learning, connecting and thanking.